ZQ600 Series now with added Wi-Fi 6

Increase productivity with the first Wi-Fi 6 mobile printer on the market!

The ZQ600 Plus Series have had an upgrade, with new, optional Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3. From retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics to healthcare these versatile printers are always ready for action. Choose from 2, 3, or 4-inch models to quickly produce labels, receipts and tags to maximise uptime, long-lasting, power saving batteries that offer power management. Your workers get the fastest, most dependable wireless connections inside the four walls.

The ZQ600 Plus series offers fast, reliable and dependable wireless connections. With the industry's only wake-up over Wi-Fi feature delivers instant availability for your workers and maximum power efficiency. This printer intelligently enters sleep mode when it is not being used, and automatically wakes the moment a job is sent. This feature works over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This series features one of the highest battery capacities in its class to ensure that workers have plenty of power for every shift. 

A printer that is business tough and built for all-day use. This lightweight, portable printer is comfortable to wear all shift long and loaded with features that give it long-lasting durability, including over-molding, a tempered glass display and a seamless one-piece design. 

Try the new ZQ600 series today!  

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