Kestronics are pleased to announce that we are now an Android Enterprise validated reseller. Streamline your Android devices to be provisioned for enterprise management. As a trusted reseller, Kestronics can simplify large-scale deployments of corporate-owned Android devices with zero-touch enrolment. Zero-touch allows for a simple way to configure devices for your business online and have them shipped with enforced management so employees can open the box and get started.

What is Android zero-touch enrollment?

Android zero-touch enrollment is great for deployment of corporate owned Android devices, which makes large scale roll-outs easy and secure for organisations, IT and employees. Zero-touch is a fast, simple, and secure way to mobilise your employees. Deploy devices at a scale with the apps they need and security for peace of mind. The time that your IT team spends configuring and provisioning new devices takes them away from critical activities that your business needs to function. Depending on the number of devices, configurations, and users that IT must set up – workforce productivity could end up suffering. With zero-touch your business can spend less time focusing on this and decrease long wait times.

Which Android devices can support this?

Zero-touch is supported on all Android 9.0 and higher devices. This allows you to configure purchased devices online, whilst being able to deliver these devices directly to end users for out-of-the-box activation.


What are the benefits of zero-touch?

  • Manage fleets of devices with enforced management and security.
  • Take advantage of a consistent deployment method across all manufacturers of recent Android devices.
  • Help employees by freeing up your help desk and get employees productive faster.
  • Simplified processes to create a better user experience.

Take Control:

  • Enforce security policies and restrictions.
  • Ensure devices remain registered and re-enrolled after any factory reset.


  • Fasted Android setup option across all modern 9.0+ devices from a single platform.
  • Deploy devices from multiple Android device manufacturers across a range of form-factors and price points.

Increase your business productivity:

  • Enrol and configure devices remotely.
  • Customise your devices for what suits your business needs, whether this is configurations, security or apps.
  • Allow employees to self-enrol during a simple setup process on a device without any IT assistance needed.
  • Automate Inventory management input.

How to get started with zero-touch:

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  • Purchase the required Android devices that are compatible with zero-touch.
  • Create a configuration in the portal that you will be given access to that consists of your EEM choice and mobile policies.
  • As a reseller Kestronics will assign devices into the customers account, giving your business access to every mobile device that features in their estate.
  • Devices will be shipped to end users for easy activation by employees with different configurations, security and apps already applied.
  • Kestronics will continue to keep your business updated with the project.
Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


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