Field ServiceProviding Solutions for Field Services and Utility

Your field workers need to be equipped with the most innovative solutions when they are out in the field. Kestronics can provide you with a solution that powers your workers to solve problems and increase productivity with the right devices. Representatives must maintain contact with workers in the field in order to provide the highest quality customer service recommendations. With both field and utility workers being placed in consistently dangerous situations they need to be equipped with the most practical devices that keep operations running. 

Increasing Productivity whilst maintaining safety 

Field and utility workers need to be equipped with the most rugged mobile devices and tablets whilst out in the field. Representatives must be able to access real-time information and report back information as well as engage with other colleagues after identifying and resolving a problem. By equipping them with the most suitable equipment they will be ready to face the harshest and most difficult environments. These devices are frequently used in the field to measure data and even to repair equipment. With devices that provide choices such as push-to-talk, workers can easily contact and seek help if something hazardous occurs when they are alone. It is also critical that colleagues know where these field and utility personnel are at all times so that they may be readily traced to a certain location. 

Facing the Field and Utility Challenge 

Gas and electric firms are continually looking for new ways to increase their mobility issues and meet unique challenges, such as better disruption management and strategy enhancement. Improve this by including advanced tracking technologies to guarantee that all resources are visible and can be assigned, as well as task management that can display task management and flag for specific skill sets that must be placed at a specific location.