Improving Printing Processes Can Save HealthCare Environments Thousands!

Citizen Healthcare Printers

We understand that the resources and time within healthcare environments can be scarce. Patient care is the number one priority and sometimes this means that hardware is kept in place for long periods of time, even when it is not as effective. However, by changing hardware, like printers, you could save healthcare businesses thousands in the long run.

Citizen's printers are designed to last, which means that even though initial costs can be significant, the total cost of owning one is lower, since it can be operational over a long period of time. The majority of Citizen printers come with either a 2-year warranty, or a certain KM of printing mileage on the printhead - whichever comes first. However, because these products are engineered to have a longer lifespan, they are also offered an extended 3-year and 5-year warranty*. Not only does this give peace of mind if anything should ever go wrong with your printer, it also decreases the impact on the environment since you are only purchasing one printer every five years, instead of every year. 

*extended warranties can be purchased for a fixed sum 

Keeping healthcare environments sterile and safe for everyone

Self-protective housing technology

Quite a few of our products are equipped with our innovative self-protective housing technology. This unique technology works on the printer's surface to protect the printer from and supress bacteria. With an SIAA brand mark that fulfils ISO 22196, it is engineered to deliver effective results against bacteria growth and is designed to the highest industry standards. Please see the chart below to see the printers equipped with self-protecting housing technology. 

POS Label
CT-E301 CL-H300SV

Disinfectant ready range

Most Citizen products are equipped with disinfectant ready casing. This means that the outside casing of the printer can be cleaned with common cleaning chemicals without compromising on performance, or integrity of the printer. Making cleaning stations clean even easier when keeping both staff and patients safe. Please see the chart below to see all the printers that are part of our disinfectant ready range.

POS Label 
CT-E301  CL-H300SV
CT-E601  CL-E300
CT-E351  CL-E303
CT-E651  CL-E321
CT-S751  CL-E331


Designed to fit healthcare environments

Citizen are one of the few manufacturers that offer printing solutions across POS, label, mobile, kiosk, and photo. Print truly is at the core of Citizen's business and it's what they do best. However, there is an understanding that this can sometimes make it hard to select the right printer for different healthcare applications. To make choosing the perfect printing solution for you even easier, please see the below brochure that highlights different products in the Citizen range, and what applications they would be best suited to. 


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