With technology consistently growing and pushing manufacturing into a more versatile and more automated industry, Kestronics can help you make these enhancements. Streamline your operations with technology and software solutions that may be customised to your company's needs, regardless of what you produce. There are numerous advantages to improving your technology for this industry, including increased energy efficiency, reduced labour shortages, and decreased labour expenses through better automation.

Manufacturing Streamline your operations

Manage what goods and materials are both entering and leaving the warehouse by operationalising the manufacturing process. There are multiple benefits to investing in intralogistics technologies, including improved supply chain management. An intralogistics system is a method of optimising the warehouse that focuses on attaining the greatest results and automating as much as possible. Companies are now required to have greater flexibility in the manufacturing operations, with better goods management and the difficulty of customers expecting shorter delivery times. Stay ahead of the competition and be the company that evolves their business to promote greater traceability and enhanced flexibility.

The Modern Warehouse 

Increase productivity throughout your warehouse, which can include anything from picking and packing to receiving and shipping manufactured goods. Kestronics can provide solutions for anything from cold storage or raw mateials to long or short-term storage, regardless of the sort of warehouse you have. Stay productive even when working in extreme temperatures and conditions with Mobile and vehicle-mounted computers, wearables, 1D and 2D scanners. 

Keep your workers connected 

The manufacturing industry has been facing consistent labour shortages for a number of years, and solutions need to be found that correspond to the movement of the supply chain. Tailor solutions to your business that work with different components. Kestronics can provide anything from wearable solutions to RFID readers and printers. Streamline your operations and enhance utility by being able to access data hands-free, with fewer manual scanning of individual items. 


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