Flexible Leasing & Financing

Using our 35+ years’ experience, Kestronics can offer several flexible financing options which enables you to quickly and affordably acquire your hardware & software solutions.

Our leasing service, sometimes known as ‘Hardware as a Service (HaaS)’ allows you to invest in the latest technology, without the huge cost outlay, by spreading the cost over a number of years. This is a cost-effective managed service, which allows you to outsource ownership, provisioning, deployment, support and management at a fixed monthly fee. 

The fixed monthly fee allows you to plan and accurately project your cash flow and budgets. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or yearly to suit your requirements, whether that’s your budget or deployment schedule.

Leasing means you are renting from Kestronics. At the end of your contact, you can either terminate, renew or possibly purchase the equipment. If you have an existing contract speak to your Account Manager about your end of contract options.

Additional benefits

  • Support & maintenance.
  • All maintenance and support are included in your monthly fee. Meaning you never have to worry about the capital outlay of replacing or repairing damaged or end of life equipment. Which can impact on your operations, productivity and cash reserves. 
  • Next day swap.
  • Faulty and damaged equipment can cause huge issues and costly delays. This can all be avoided by adding next day swap out to your contract. If your device is damaged or becomes faulty we will send you a replacement while we repair or replace the device.
  • Tax efficient.
  • Leasing your hardware can be very attractive if you pay corporation tax. Leasing converts a large part of your capital expenditure into smaller monthly payments. Payments on qualifying leases are written off against the company tax bill as direct operational expenditure. Rather than debt or outstanding liability.
  • No deposit required.

In most cases, all the costs will be covered in your monthly payments.

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