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Discover Retail technology solutions for engaging workers, optimising inventory, and improving customer experience. Whether this is by changing the way that customers purchase their products such as self-service checkouts or even upgrading traditional registers, Kestronics can provide a solution that fits all your business needs.

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POS Solutions

Point-of-sale (POS) solutions are becoming more dynamic and simpler to ensure customers are satisfied with their experience. Frictionless self-service checkouts are more popular than ever, and traditional registers are beginning to decline meaning that customers are looking for the simplest, fastest, and easiest way to purchase products. Your customers don’t want to spend time waiting, they are looking for the most convenient option for them, with customers taking advantage of new frictionless checkouts. However, by improving the Point-Of-Sale is extremely important and is an opportunity for retailers to leave an everlasting impression that will either leave the customer with a positive or negative impression. If the rest of the overall store experience is positive, but the checkout isn’t as easy and convenient there is a risk that customers could abandon their purchases.

Warehouse Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Retailers are facing significant problems with trying to manage out-of-stocks and ensure that shoppers can easily find the products that they came in to find. Improve inventory systems and stock counting, which are essential for all retail businesses. This saves time-consuming processes for employees and allows them to spend more time on the shop floor, whether using fixed or mobile RFID solutions or controlling operations using mobile computers. 

The Modern Store

Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the forefront of every retailer’s vision. They are looking for the fastest and most streamlined way to shop, which is something that Kestronics can provide. Create an enhanced checkout experience with accelerated experiences, whether this is through self-service checkouts which is ever increasing or more accurate scanning with the latest scanners and machine vision. With customers increasingly combining e-commerce and in-store purchases, there is an increasing demand for more fulfilment options. This includes click and collect and ship to home, implying an increase in the need for retailers to manage picking, staging, and packing as well as an increase in the need to satisfy shoppers' habits. The benefit of the technology advances to retail workers by enabling more time on the floor with customers and speeding up in-store fulfilments.


The Modern Store by Zebra 

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