Waizu has become the UK’s leader in providing the wise tools required to slash the problem of missing/lost devices and to facilitate the highly efficient and secure issuing and returning of those devices. Our customers receive fast resolutions to mission-critical process issues and fast process improvements, and Waizu have a track record of reducing costs for firms using mobile devices.

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The 7 Costly Sins of Shared Mobile Devices

This eBook navigates the 7 key challenges caused by the lack of accountability and trackability of shared mobile devices. Each eBook chapter delves into one of the seven costly sins. It examines their implications and provides mitigation strategies and actionable recommendations for ensuring the secure and efficient utilization of shared mobile devices. From negligence to complacency, from identity theft to data breaches, no sin shall go unaddressed as we embark on this journey to establish a safer and more accountable shared mobile device ecosystem. Join us as we unravel their consequences of costly practices, and show how to recoup costs wherever shared mobile devices are in use. Read the eBook today!

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