TC53e-RFID and TC58e Mobile Computers

Introducing the latest addition to the best-selling TC5 Series, the TC53e-RFID and TC58e Mobile Computers. These devices build on both the TC53 and TC58 to meet the ever-evolving mobility needs of today's front line workers. These Mobile Computers are faster, smarter, more rugged, more sustainable, and have features that keep pace.

This future-proof platform device includes enhanced durability, where these devices are now dustproof, waterproof, drop-proof and tumble-proof. Maximise and deliver the reliable performance your workers need to increase productivity and return on investment. These Mobile Computers are not only good for business, but good for the environment, they are constructed with 25 percent of post-consumer recycled plastics and without any major environmental toxins, such as mercury. Power consumption is reduced, and battery technology is green, meaning that they are removable, and recyclable. With battery statistics insight is provided into when they are no longer healthy enough to hold full charge, allowing you to use batteries longer, without risking mobile device downtime. 

The power of integrated UHF RFID (TC53e-RFID only). This option opens up a world of possibilities with the right short read range - 3.9ft/1.2m. Colleagues can easily locate an item, check it in seconds to make sure all items in the basket have been purchased, and read all items simultaneously at the POS. These Mobile Computers can even be integrated into the airport process, where baggage handlers at the airport can easily identify bags on a baggage cart. 

With support for Wi-Fi 6E and second generation 5G to provide the fastest wireless speeds, improving connection reliability and application performance.

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TC53e-RFID and TC58e Mobile Computers



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