Transport and Logistics

Stay ahead of the competition with these Transport and Logistics solutions

Transportation and logistics companies are in higher demand than ever before, which means that this industry is constantly striving to adapt to change and manage development. With e-commerce and mobile connectivity providing customers with more ways to order goods, there is a need for transportation companies to get these to the customer as quickly as possible. There are endless possibilities for transforming and updating this operation with new options for mobility and an upgrade in technology. At Kestronics we can provide both technology and software solutions that will eventually achieve better operations for field performance. Discover some of the possible advantages of why adopting new forms of technology throughout your business can increase revenue and promote an increase in operational efficiency.

Upgrading your Fleet and Delivery Force

Kestronics can provide a solution to ensure flawless fulfilment from warehouse to customer door by increasing visibility to track and monitor the status and position of things as they move from origin to destination. Maintain worker connectivity by allowing field and facility workers to make educated decisions that can increase service accuracy via data network connectivity alternatives such as Bluetooth and Wide Area Networking (WAN). With companies expecting faster deliveries, this industry needs to adapt the way that they are working to stay ahead of the competition.

Warehousing Solutions

Being well-connected in the warehouse is extremely important for managing inventory and with this being the start of the supply chain it is crucial to have visibility of all of your assets before they leave the warehouse. Make this possible with mobile computing, scanning and printing solutions which connect each step of the supply-chain.

Transport and logistics

Monitor and track assets throughout the shipping process.

It is critical to be able to track what is imported and exported. As RFID capabilities become more prevalent, workers will be able to obtain the information they require as soon as it enters the premises while maintaining real-time visibility. Technology solutions that start from mobile computers to rugged tablets make it possible to track assets as they move through the supply chain.  

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