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Delivering The Best Guest Experience Every Time

Kestronics can offer multiple solutions to all different sectors of the hospitality industry, this includes hotels, restaurants, large entertainment venues and so much more. Hospitality solutions can help to improve guest experience, accelerate operational efficiency and in turn enhance guests overall experience. Remove the dependency on and cost of labour by having the ability to control several departments at the same time with devices that can acquire data at any time and from different locations.

New Ways of Ordering

Customers demand a smooth and streamlined procedure that is straightforward and pleasurable as we continue to improve the way we order food, drink, and enter venues. Customer engagement is becoming more contactless, which has a growing impact on how visitors are served. Allowing customers to order in a variety of ways permits more time to be spent on service, which in turn speeds up the payment process. By providing the highest possible customer experience for your guests, you can motivate them to return and increase customer loyalty with our recommended solutions. 

Food Labelling

Food Safety 

Food safety automation is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to manage the transparency of food safety. Consumers are growing more interested about learning where their food is coming from and there is a certain expectation that companies should be able to provide them with this to prevent foodborne illnesses and the trigger of food allergies.

A large number of businesses are still encouraging paper checklists to capturing key data for manual entry into spreadsheets, however these are often inaccurate and do not meet the demands of food industry regulators. By digitalising this process it means that employees are equipped with the right devices such as tablets and mobile computers that can temperature sense and ensure food safety is critical to control factors that could eventually become an issue.

To ensure food safety, all production and foodservice operations must follow HAACP procedures. However, paper-based systems are inadequate and may result in potentially dangerous errors, which is why mobile computers and food sensors that alert when there are problems with unsafe food storage are being implemented. 

Maintain compliance with food labelling safety regulations such as Natasha's Law, which requires all ingredients to be listed on individual packaging of products considered pre-packaged for direct sale. Allergens must always be provided for those who require them.

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