Emergency Service and Defense

Improving the future of Public Safety 

Kestronics can provide technology solutions to help arm and automate the frontline. Capture real-time data and maintain visibility to be able to access important information that increases awareness and allows for decision making. Take the opportunity of being able to prepare your workers for dangerous outcomes they may be facing and to stay connected in emergencies. Rugged mobile devices and tablets enable dedicated first responders to access crucial information using durable and reliable technology. Equip your staff with technology that can withstand drops, tumbles and rough handling. 

How is technology transforming the Emergency Services?

For any type of emergency situation the key goal should be to enable frontline responders the opportunity to maintain control over communication. Kestronics can deliver a solution that is unique to any type of emergency service or defence worker from the police to firefighters to ambulance drivers. With modern technology increasing now more than ever these built-for-purpose products offer a smarter, efficient and more reliable way of responding to particular situations. By investing in these solutions means a more streamlined way of working for staff which also in turn is more cost-effective.


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