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Digitalise The Aviation Industry

With the consistent development of new technology digitalising the aviation industry is important to enhance business performance. As the travel industry begins to recover after the pandemic the aviation sector needs to combine the right amount of innovation and automation to deliver the best experiences. Technology will continue to be a critical component in the aviation sector and with rapid enhancements the industry will strive for the most efficient, most robust and cost effective system that works best for them. 

RFID enabled airport

The RFID Enabled Airport 

RFID is becoming extremely prominent in the recent word, especially in the aviation sector. Provide real-time baggage tracking for Airports, Airlines and Passenger terminals all over the world. With baggage handing becoming a significant problem for airline companies they are now looking for the latest technology to improve this and ensure compliance. Mishandled and lost baggage leaves customers both delayed and frustrated, which eventually leads to a decrease in customer satisfaction and a price to pay for airline companies. Kestronics, on the other hand, can give an RFID solution that will streamline baggage handling service by minimising the amount of mishandled bags as well as the cost that airlines must pay out to consumers.

What are the advantages of implementing RFID for baggage handling? If the flight has not yet left the ground the baggage can be marked as a priority, which helps to reduce the number of passengers who are arriving before their baggage. This can reduce the problem with low barcode printing quality, where barcodes become unreadable or isn't captured at the right angle for the perfect read. This would require manual intervention, which may be wasting valuable time for ground staff, which would not be an issue with RFID tags where the data is accessible from one label and the angle captured doesn't matter. 

The RFID-Enabled Airport: Improving Efficiencies in Baggage Handling Operations

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