UKWA House of Lords Luncheon

UKWA House of Lords Luncheon. 

On Tuesday 18th October, our Managing Director had an exclusive opportunity to attend the UKWA House of Lords Luncheon. This distinguished event brought together members and prominent representatives of the logistics sector with MP's, peers and key policy makers. 

The Future of Freight.

Some of the key highlights from the day included hearing from Rt Hon Richard Holden MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department. for Transport. He gave an insightful talk about the UK governments plan for the 'Future of Freight' and launched a Freight Week supporting innovation in the Logistics sector. 

2024: The Year of Warehousing. 

The UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) has announced that 2024 will be the launch of a high profile, year long campaign to highlight the critical role of warehousing in supply chains. Whether this is the sector's major contribution to the UK economy, essential employment of around one million people, and the key role set to play in embracing solar power to achieve UK's net zero goals. 

Why the year of the warehouse? Warehousing is consistently changing rapidly with the immense growth of e-commerce forcing what we would associate with traditional high street tasks back to the supply chain. With our circular economy, warehouses are becoming a hub for returns management, recycling, upcycling and even repairs. 

With the need for warehousing consistently increasing these buildings are now becoming larger and higher to try and accommodate all of this extra activity. Warehouses in the UK are now becoming 'mega-sheds' which contain over 1 million sq. ft. this trend is now set to continue. With these warehouses becoming larger than ever, their rooftops are now offering a great potential for generating both clean and affordable solar power. , as UKWA's landmark report confirmed. By business agreeing to take part in this rollout and adding solar panels to warehouse roofs it could create around 25GWp of clean solar power, which is a third of the UK governments target of 75GWp by the year 2035. 


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