Introducing The SP72 Series

Introducing the SP72-H and SP72-V. Enhance your checkout experience and improve your bottom-line with high-performance in-counter and on-counter scanning. This series optimises self-checkout solutions with innovative features that can be placed anywhere from groceries, convenience, pharmacies, and speciality stores. The SP72 fits wherever you need it – whether this is in-counter, on the counter, mounted on the wall or in a kiosk.

SP72 H

Fast swipe speeds and a large reading area provide a ‘swipe and go’ scanning performance needed to keep lines moving. Don’t worry about the need to position a barcode in a precise manner, cashiers will be able to focus more on the customer and for those that prefer a self-checkout can enjoy a more seamless experience. This series combines a 2.3 MP high-resolution sensory, which has advanced illumination and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for unparalleled performance on any barcode, whether this is 1D, 2D, paper or mobile. Even when these barcodes present themselves as physically challenging, from poorly printed and damaged they will still be detected and will not slow down checkouts or frustrate customers.

SP72 V

The vertical SP72-V can be placed on a counter or mounted on a wall or table, its flat face design fits flush into self-checkouts and kiosks. Whilst the SP72-H offers an in-counted, zero footprint design. The SP72 series can be powered over standard USB, which can eventually eliminate the cost and labour associated without adding external power. Add additional features to elevate customer experience. For example, adding handheld with an optional auxiliary port can allow workers to easily scan large or heavy items in the cart. The SP72 also offers a variety of audible feedback options via the built-in or external speaker. Make the choice of choosing a traditional beep tone or choose from a library of digital sounds; even take the option to add your own custom sound to reflect your brand and customer experience. 

Main Benefits:

  • Easy installation and fast setup.
  • Reliability on a daily basis.
  • Optional colour camera.

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