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Zebra's Newest Product Launch - The SM72

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With the rapid growth in self-service technology customers are demanding more speed and convenience. Traditional checkouts are being replaced with fast and more accessible self-service checkouts that promotes a better overall customer experience. However, even for the customers that prefer manned checkouts the SM72 can provide a solution to capture fast swipe speeds.

The SM72 creates a solution for manufacturers and retailers that can set them aside from the competition. Whether this is creating a solution for manned as well as self-checkouts, the SM72 has all the features needed for easy integration and accommodates a variety of designs to be mounted in any orientation. The question is what really sets this product apart from the rest? With unbranded housing, companies can make sure that their logo takes centre stage, rather than the Zebra Logo. With a large, intuitive field of view and rapid-fire swipe speeds the SM72 can provide fast and easy scanning of both paper and mobile barcodes for a better consumer experience. Even when barcodes are damaged, crinkled or faded.

SM72 Scanner

With new innovative features such as the 2.3MP colour camera, which provides alarge field of view and captures even the smallest details. Take advantage of this feature and develop applications that can build a product image database to identify a mismatch between the item scanned and the associated barcode. For example, develop vision-based applications that can identify between an item scanned and the associated barcode. If a barcode from a less expensive item is placed on a more expensive item for purchase this can be detected.

Where can the SM72 be implemented:

Primary Market and Retail Stores:

  • Groceries
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacy
  • Convenience Stores.

Retail Use Cases

  • Point of sale – manned and self-checkouts.
  • Paper and mobile barcode loyalty which can be used for coupons and payment.
  • Age verification and loyalty applications.
  • Loss Prevention.

Other Uses

  • Travel – ticketing kiosks.
  • Healthcare: diagnostic equipment.

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