Zebra Launch new Wearable WS50 RFID Solution

Kestronics is pleased to introduce the new Zebra wearable WS50 RFID solution, which adds UHF capabilities to the existing wearable platform.

RFID tags are being deployed at an increasing rate in order to meet the growing need for speedier deliveries, picking, and packing. There is also the benefit of more accurate inventory management, therefore organisations in the transportation and logistics industries, as well as manufacturing and retail, are looking for wearable solutions with RFID scanning capabilities. This small, compact, and flexible wearing item incorporates all of the power, connectivity and data capture of a regular sized Zebra mobile computer.  

The WS50 can be mounted three different ways, whether this is a two-finger mount, back of hand or on the wrist. There is an integrated barcode scanner and RFID reader that is capable of reading UHF tags up to 1.5 meters away.  

The two-finger mount supports optical scanning via the thumb trigger. 

This can also be worn as a back of the hand mount, which supports scanning via a trigger button and upward UHF reading via an integrated antenna.  

The wrist mount also supports UHF reading via an integrated antenna in the rear mounted RFID module.  

This RFID solution is the perfect solution for intense workloads who may be struggling with picking and packing and are looking for something that suits their workload. The scanner which is integrated inside is great for high performance scanning on 1D and 2D barcodes. This is great for eliminating the need for a host terminal and separate RFID reader. Allow your employees to handle packages with their hands free while scanning barcodes and reading UHF tags. This device is useful in the warehouse, manufacturing, retail, and transportation and logistics

This small, but mighty device weighs just a handful, but are built to handle everyday enterprise use. Whether you are using this device in extreme heat or cold or are looking for a device that can withstand drops this device is perfect with its IP65 rating.  

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