The New Honeywell PC42E-T Printer

Introducing the new Honeywell PC42E-T Printer

This new desktop printer is the perfect compact, high-speed and high-resolution desktop printer, which is great for mid-volume printing business. Take advantage of a printer that is easy to operate and maintain with built in communications including Ethernet and USB. Experience the convenience of this compact, high-speed, and high-resolution desktop printer, designed specifically for mid-volume printing businesses. Get your printing tasks done easily with its user-friendly operation and built-in Ethernet and USB connectivity.

Where can this printer be used?


In Retail cases the PC42E-T is great for Point of sale use, inventory, and price tag Management. This compact and user friendly design can provide stable and fast printing for up to 6 ips. This printer is perfect for multiple device management with wireless connectivity options.

Light Manufacturing and Warehouse 

The PC42E-T can certainly be applied in Light Manufacturing and Warehouse for both receiving and shipping parcels, as well as inventory management. This printer comes with a wide range of accessories that can be used in different scenarios. With high-performance printing including 203/300 dpi resolution options ensures both high-quality and efficient output. 

Transportation and Logistics 

In the Transportation and Logistics industry, this printer can be used for asset management, proof of delivery, shipping and labelling, and even shipping and receiving. This printer can use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for printing on the go, and is durable for those high-performance and high-speed printing. With a large LED display, this printer is great for easy operation, and operational visibility. Worried about the durability of your printer? there is no need to, the touchscreen even works with oily or dirty hands. This allows for usage in even the most challenging environments. The PC42E-T can even be used in the most challenging environments, and are both durable and damage resistant. In warehousing environments this display can even be extended to both a mouse and keyboard. 


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