Introducing the HC20/HC50

Introducing the Zebra HC20/HC50 Healthcare Mobile Computers

Empower both clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers to improve efficiency, task accuracy, and patient outcomes. Introducing Zebra's newest series of rugged healthcare computers - the HC20 and HC50. These Wi-Fi only computers are built to deliver and enhance all the features workers need to improve accuracy, efficiency and the quality of patient care and patient outcomes. This pocketable device is easy to carry, easy to use, easy to disinfect and to manage. These features mean that they can run comprehensive and media-rich applications and communication capabilities. They may be small - but they are big in functionality with the ability to transform into a two-way radio, a PBX handset and even a workstation. No matter what role clinical staff play, this device will push all boundaries and workflow. 

What features make this mobile computer stand out? 

Perfectly designed on the outside for today's healthcare workers

These mobile computers are Zebra's thinnest and lightest healthcare mobile computers with a sleek design to optimise weight distribution. Holding the HC20/HC50 is practically effortless, with contoured surfaces and sculpted bumpers. Are you worried about chemicals and your devices? Well no need to as these computers are made from medical grade plastic that support a wide selection of disinfectants used in the healthcare industry. With a 6-inch FHD+ edge-to-edge display there is an improvement of efficiency, easier to view medical records, charts, diagnostic imagery and more. This mobile computer is great for use in emergency situations, whether you need to access help easily or discretely call for assistance. 

Advanced mobile technologies

Count on the fastest Wi-Fi speeds for the most dependable connections, which allows for even more density of connected devices so that organisations can quadruple their connected staff, without requiring additional network infrastructure. Barcode scanning is a major part of everyday healthcare workflows, now workers can allow for easy capture on barcodes, patient wristbands, medication, food trays and more. Even if barcodes appear damaged, are printed on an uneven surface such as an IV bag the HC20/HC50 will be able to retrieve them. Worried about scanning in healthcare settings? No need to with a white illumination and green LED aimer that are patient friendly, and safe for use in all areas of the healthcare industry

Create a complete healthcare mobility station solution 

Spend less time worrying about where your devices are with BLE beacon battery that works with Zebra's device tracker to reduce loss even when devices are powered down or out of charge. Insert these devices into a Workstation Connect-Cradle to create a Mobile-driven workstation at nurses stations, wards and even more. Have better communication with PTT and PBX handset capabilities with Zebra's Workcloud Communication suite. 

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