The Widest Working Scan Engine In The Industry

In today's demanding economy, there is a certain amount of pressure to fulfil more orders, ship faster, and execute flawlessly from the warehouse to retail stores. The SE58 has an Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ technology is designed to be more than ready to meet these challenges. This versatile scan engine offers the widest range in the industry for both 1D and 2D barcodes that reads from less than 2in/5cm to over 105ft/32m. This is the widest working range in the industry. This device is perfect for certain industries, this can include forklift operators in warehouses who can reach more codes without getting out of their vehicle. Retail associates can also scan items on the top shelves without having to climb ladders, warehouse workers can reach the ground level barcodes and yard operators can even reach barcodes on the highest shipping containers. 

The SE58 contains a green laser that makes aiming up to seven times more visible than a red one. This is visible across the entire decode range indoors, and an extraordinary range of up to 10ft/3m in direct sunlight. This one device can meet the needs of virtually any data capture application. 

This scan engine is perfect for not only compact, but also industrial form factors that sets a new standard size for extra long range scanning. The SE58 is around 50% lighter, and 18% smaller in total volume than the competition. The devices rugged construction is built for any environment; a 2500G shock rating and wide operating temperature range means that it can handle drops and tumbles of the host device. There is even an opportunity for use in extreme outdoor conditions, as well as the freezer. 

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