Honeywell IH45 Handheld RFID Reader

Introducing the launch of Honeywell's newest Handheld RFID Reader

In today's world retailers, supply chain and transportation and logistics managers have become under immense pressure to closely track and manage inventory and shipments to ensure that the right material is in the right place at the right time. Honeywell are pleased to announce the launch of their newest RFID Handheld reader device, the IH45. This new device offers fast, accurate UHF RFID inventory capture, and convenient, integrated 1D/2D barcode scanning capabilities. Wondering where this device would fit into your business? The IH45 is perfect for industries that include Retail, Transport and Logistics, and even Supply Chain inventory applications. 

What are the problems with having inaccurate inventory? Stores with inaccurate inventory can experience frequent out-of-stocks, lost sales and poor customer service. This in turn can negatively impact customer loyalty and could potentially turn them away to competitors. The problem with using manual inventory is that it is often done little and not very frequently, this method is extremely intense and time consuming. 

Where can this device fit into a Transport and Logistics environment? Workers have the ability to easily capture information from incoming shipments, and identify that products and shipments are making it to the right locations. The IH45 offers a Tag Finder mode that can easily pinpoint and find a specific item location. This easy-to-use, and ergonomically balanced device makes it possible to achieve around 99% inventory accuracy. The benefit of this accuracy will increase revenue, margins, and even customer engagement. When a truck arrives with a shipment, workers can easily identify which pallet(s) need to be removed and transported. 

What are the key features that are included in the IH45? 

  • The IH45 combined with a handheld device can stand as a complete solution for retail inventory count, inventory management, and other workflows, which can in turn increase revenue, margins, and even customer engagement. 
  • The IH45 and mobile computer attached charge together on a single charging station, which make it both easier and faster to charge. This design is also available with multiple charging options that are available for both the device, as well as battery charging. 
  • This device has direct connection to mobile computers via USB (only for CT30 XP, CT40/XP, CT45/XP, CT60/XP).
  • The IH45 has exceptional read range, increases productivity and decreases manual effort.

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