FXR90 Ultra-Rugged Fixed Readers

Introducing the FXR90, the newest series of Fixed Industrial Readers. Keep your supply chain moving, track assets and inventory even in the most extreme weather with the FXR90. As more industries begin to choose fixed RFID infrastructure to keep their assets moving, there is a gap in the market for a reader that is designed to operate anywhere. This includes even the harshest of environments such as those found in transportation/logistics, warehousing and manufacturing

These fixed industrial readers are built for even the most extreme conditions, both indoors and outdoors, and are sealed to industrial grade dual ratings of IP65 and IP67 ratings. Their versatile design includes an integrated RFID antenna which is built for reliable performance anywhere, even in larger facilities. With built-in wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi-6, Bluetooth, 5G, GPS and CBRS, the FXR90 provides unmatched levels of connectivity, even outside of the four walls, to meet the demands of today and the innovations of tomorrow. With a read rate of up to 1,300 tags per second these readers allow for greater visibility, and real-time data wherever you need it most. 

Vertical Markets and Applications:

Transportation/Logistics and Warehousing

  • Baggage Tracking - Follow the movement of different items from induction into the baggage system to loading onto a plane to a baggage claim area. 
  • Parcel Shipment and Loading Verification - Ensure that the right packages or pallet goes onto the right vehicle and be notified if there is a misload. 
  • Cold Chain - Monitor and preserve temperature-sensitive inventory whilst in storage and transit to try to mitigate preventable inventory losses. 
  • Tolling/Vehicle Auto Identification - Automatically identify vehicles for access control or charge-back of tolling, carwash, and QSR.  
  • Returnable Transport Object (RTO) Tracking - Track different pallet movements through your facility to ultimate delivery using GPS capability to document electronic proof of delivery for shipments and customers' return of RTO.
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery - Document the shipment of deliveries and returns. 


  • Work in Process (WIP) Tracking - Understand where different inventory is throughout the entire process and get insights into the different performance and efficiency throughout. 
  • Raw Materials Inventory - Stay updated with the different components in stock and not yet in production and avoid downtime due to a loss of inventory. 
  • Pipeline/Utility Tracking - Automated inventory of each truck to verify that the loads are correct and track replenishment needs. 
  • RTO Tracking - Track different pallet movements through a facility. 


  • Kitting - Automated inventory of assets, which can in turn be provided to the correct personnel such as equipment and uniform. Use this to verify correct sizes, the right branch of the armed forces, etc. 
  • Asset Tracking - Track the different flow or movement through facilities or across an entire establishment.
  • Chain of Custody - Link specific assets, whether this is specific equipment or evidence to a person's badge for tracking custody. 
  • Personnel/Vehicle Control - Provide personnel different access to specific rooms, zones or vehicles based on different levels of authorisation. 
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