The Next Evolution of The MC9400 Series


The MC9000 Series of ultra-rugged computers have become one of the best ways to streamline and error-proof processes in even the toughest of environments. Whether this is manufacturing and warehousing applications, to ports, yards and even retail stores. Introducing the next evolution of the MC9000 Series, which is now with more power, advanced scanning, and the fastest cellular and Wi-Fi connections. Loaded with all of the latest mobile technologies, these devices are faster and ready to power the newest generation of industrial applications. 

These devices have the best-in-class data capture and communication options with the latest and most advanced scanning technology. Give your workers an unmatched scanning range, and allow them to scan barcodes to over 100ft/30.5m away. This is further than any other scanner on the market, and the innovative green laser is up to seven times more visible than a red aimer dot. This makes it easier to scan items that are on the top of warehouse racks. 

The MC9400 Series offer the latest in wireless connectivity. These are the first gun-style devices that can offer you both private and public 5G wireless data connectivity, bringing the newest and most affordable wireless networking options to expansive indoor and outdoor environments. With two SIM card options nano SIM and eSIM, you can support both public and private connections simultaneously for network redundancy or deployment. 

Workers can easily access these devices with Biometric Facial Recognition, meaning that you get a peace of mind that a device is restricted to pre-authorised users only. This means that there is an elimination of risk for the risk of shared or compromised passwords. 

The MC9400 and MC9450 are designed for the toughest of environments. Worried about dirt or dust - no worries just hose this off. Submerged in water? No need to worry about this either as the device is waterproof. Zebra have tested this devices to the harshest levels, and they have what it takes to handle inevitable everyday drops and tumbles in ports, yards, manufacturing and warehouses. There is also a mode for every environment, from standard, freezer, and non-incendive. The freezer model includes a heated touch panel and scanner exit window, plus a freezer-rated battery. 

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