Introducing to the MP72

MP72 Series Multi-Plane Scanner/Scale 

Redesign your checkout experience with Zebra's newest Multi-Plane Scanner/Scale. Living in an age of endless shopping choices, customers are expecting a faster, more revolutionary checkout experience where they can get in and out of stores quicker with a choice of how they shop. The MP72 Series Multi-Plane Scanner/Scale sets a new standard for checkout convenience with this delivering the fastest checkout performance yet. Allow customers to enjoy a swift and seamless experience, with innovative features that include an optional colour camera for computer applications and helps to minimise shrink and optimise the use of self-checkouts. The MP72 Series makes it easy and cost-effective to modernise your checkout with low energy consumption, superior uptime and easy integration with any existing infrastructure. 

Exceed customer expectations with these faster than ever checkouts. 

The MP72 Series contains high-resolution megapixel sensors, and Zebra's exclusive PRZM intelligent Imaging technology. This scanner provides unmatched scanning speed and simplicity on virtually any 1D, 2D, GS1 or Digimarc®, paper, and mobile barcodes. With offset illumination this makes it even easier to scan reflective barcodes on customer phones, or glossy packaging that other barcode readers may find difficult to scan. This particular scanner has maximum checkout speeds with up to 2x larger fields of view, which makes scanning a second nature. There is a reduced need to carefully position barcodes which provides a simpler experience for everyone, whether this is experienced cashiers to first-time users. 

Higher Return On Investment through innovative features 

By having an optional HD colour camera to capture the smallest details, and paving the way for new computer vision applications that enhance customer experience and protect your bottom line. Identify loss and streamline selection through the application of recognition applications for faster and easier checkouts.  With energy bills being among the largest in-store operating expenses, it's critical to make your store as efficient as you possibly can, which includes investing in more efficient checkouts. The MP72 Series uses up to 50% less power than other bioptic scanners that might be used in your usual retail stores. This scanner comes in three standard sizes, meaning that it is easier to find the right solution to fit your store. Whether you are looking to drop it right into an existing cash wrap this is a great solution to integrate the latest POS technology

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