Datalogic Powerscan™ 9600 DPX

Introducing the Datalogic Powerscan™ 9600 DPX. This ultra-rugged handheld scanner with new balanced ergonomics is designed and constructed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. These imagers have an ultra-rugged design, an ergonomic shape, and well-balanced weight to reduce operator stress during everyday activities.

As the world of manufacturing evolves, traceability is becoming a critical aspect of production processes across industries, which includes automotive, electronics, and healthcare. The ability to track products at a granular level ensures safer products, continuous improvements, and faster issue resolution. This scanner offers key features and solutions for business traceability challenges and is designed to excel in Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications. 

Traceability of Work In Progress (WIP) is essential for the long-term product lifecycle management. DPM applications are often likely to encounter issues, whether this is in the form of misread reads, damaged barcodes, and challenging colour backgrounds.The Powerscan™ 9600 DPX contains a system that automatically configures acquisition parameters and decoding algorithms that ensure the correct traceability throughout the supply chain. 

Datalogic has designed this scanner to be able to easily adapt to changing business needs through easily swappable, and compact modules. With modular architecture, this scanner ensures seamless interface upgrades even when choosing a wired model. 

In manufacturing environments, both equipment reliability and durability are crucial. The Powerscan™ DPX series is designed to future-proof your investment and boasts an ultra-robust design with IP65 and IP67 ratings. This model is capable of withstanding a 2.5m drop and harsh conditions. 

Datalogic is committed to providing customers with innovative solutions that reflect solutions for traceability and productivity.

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