The CT47 Honeywell Mobile Computer

Introducing Honeywell's newest Mobile Computer 

This ultra-rugged, all-purpose hand-held will ensure top and reliable performance, with connectivity everywhere for front-line mobile workers. The CT47 is is optimally balanced with durability and functionality in mind to keep business workflows moving and operations flowing. This device is combined with powerful software including Operational Intelligence, Smart Talk communications, Smart Pay and more. The CT47 is the most ideal choice for users in the transport & logistics and warehousing industries. 

Why is the CT47 the best solution for your business? 

The Honeywell CT47 ultra-rugged mobile computer is the ideal mobile computing solution for businesses that are serious about implementing a durable device into their workforce.The CT47 offers enhanced performance with a superior rugged design for nearly any environment and is optimally balanced with durability and functionality to keep operations moving. 

The CT47 offers a secure foundation for effective long-lasting solutions. The CT47 offers an increased device lifecycle, heightened security and optimised business performance to help lower the total costs of ownership. This device offers the the best solution for both field use and warehouse environments`. Its rugged design allows to withstand up to 8-foot tops and over 3,500 real-world tumbles and a newly standard and enhanced battery option to keep this device going through full shifts. 

The CT47 is ready to handle new and demanding applications.

Mobility Edge™, a durable, stable and secure platform.

The CT47 delivers the lifecycle, security, and durability required by businesses. This device harnesses the latest processor and memory technology for high performance with guaranteed support through Android 16. IT leaders can now empower operations with critical analytics to enable higher productivity, all with a user experience that keeps frontline workers productive and engaged. 

Secure Technology

Fitted with secure authentication technology, the CT47 keeps both your data and mobile computer safe. The fingerprint sensor is ideal for one-handed operation and easy to access biometric authentication. Multiple templates can be stored locally for multiple user login access. What sets this security aside from other mobile devices? Facial recognition can now be accessed from the front-facing camera to access the device quickly and securely. The registration is quick and data is encrypted and secured locally.

Features and Benefits of the CT47:

  • Mobility Edge Platform is a durable and secure foundation for effective, long-lasting solutions that provide optimised performance and accelerated deployments in the field. 
  • Ultra-rugged design for demanding environments for workers in Transport & Logistics and Warehouses. This Mobile Device has one of the best in class drop and tumble ratings. 
  • The CT47 comes with the latest 5G and Wi-Fi 6E technology to stay connected, including CBRS and private networks. 
  • 5G offers the highest bandwidth and lowest latency available.
  • Quick and accurate capture from 3 inches up to 80 feet with the innovative FlexRange XLR scan engine that supports virtually every use case. 
  • Multi-factor Biometric Authentication, the CT47 keeps user and company data secure. 

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