What does Achilles mean for Kestronics?

Achilles provides a serious analysis and expert supply chain insight that is necessary to comply with ESG regulations, meet stakeholder requirements and achieve ambitious ethical and sustainability goals. 

Achilles offers the best protection from supply chain risk, they are one of the only supply chain risk specialists to offer an in-depth assessment. This includes on-site audits and worker interviews to supply the level of supply chain transparency and confidence that is required by environmentally conscious and ethical organisations. 

Achilles help Kestronics connect both buyers and suppliers to help manage their relationships, with a focus on a increased amount of visibility, management and implementation of the supply chain. This is clarified through the use of three trusted steps. 

  • Supplier sourcing and selection.
  • Ongoing supplier assurance.
  • Supply chain risk management. 

The advantages of Kestronics use of Achilles means that there is a reliable and standardised data repository for supplier information that is related to key business aspects. This can also help Kestronics streamline the buyer-supplier engagement process.