Jagger and Kestronics


Jaggaer is a provider of cloud-based business automation technology for business spend management through a comprehensive suite of procurement supply chain management tools used to streamline and optimise the process. Jaggaer allows for Kestronics to focus on our business challenges, processes and people to be able to drive toward key milestones and business outcomes. These tools are particularly helpful for Kestronics when we are looking to manage our spending, enhance supplier relationships, and improve overall operation efficiency. 

Jaggaer covers all management processes for both direct, and indirect spend. Here are some of the ways that Jaggaer has helped Kestronics as a business. 

  • Sourcing and procurement - Automation and centralising sourcing and procurement process
  • Supply chain collaborations - Collaboration with suppliers, which allows for better communication, real-time updates and transparency across the supply chain. 
  • Spend Analysis - Detailed spend analysis to allow Kestronics to gain insights into spending patterns. 
  • Supplier Management - This is crucial to maintain the relationships between suppliers and assess performance. 
  • Workflow Automation - Automation of routine tasks and processes. 
  • Compliance and Risk Management - Monitor compliance and assess risks associated with suppliers, contracts and other activities. 

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