What is Coupa and what does this mean for Kestronics?

Coupa is a cloud-based business Spend Management platform that helps businesses streamline procurement, expense management, and invoicing processes. Essentially, Coupa provides a unified platform for managing various aspects of a company's spending, from procurement to payment. 

Here are some key aspects of what Coupa means for Kestronics. 

Spend Management:

Coupa helps Kestronics to manage the procurement process more effective and cost-effective. 

Automation and Efficiency:

Automation of manual and time-consuming processes related to procurement and expenses, reduces the need for manual data entry. This allows for more time to stay focused on innovation, rather than being struck down by financial workflows. 

Visibility and Control

Greater visibility into spending platforms, allows for better control over expenditures. This can help to emopower the company to make informed decisions, identify cost optimisation opportunities, and navigate the complex financial landscape. 


Coupa includes features that help businesses ensure compliance with internal policies as well as external regulations. Kestronics can rely on Coupa to navigate compliance complexities and mitigate risks. 

    Cloud-Based Accessibility:

    A cloud-based platform allows access to the system from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows for enhanced collaboration in the business environment. 

      To summarise, adopting Coupa means that Kestronics have better control over implementing a comprehensive spend management solution that can lead to increased efficiency, better control over spending, improved collaboration with suppliers, and enhanced visibility into financial processes. 


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