Android™ Enterprise Silver Partnership

Kestronics and Android™ Enterprise Silver Partnership

Kestronics are pleased to announce the recent achievement of our Silver Partner status in the Android Enterprise Partner Program. This achievement is a reflection of our company's commitment to being able to offer Android Enterprise and zero-touch enrollment services to our customers. 

As an Android Enterprise Silver Partner, our expertise can be illustrated through the seamless deployment of corporate-owned Android devices provisioned for enterprise management. Kestronics can simplify large-scale deployments of corporate-owned Android devices with zero-touch enrollment. This enables us to configure devices for your business online and have them shipped with enforced management, so employees can open the box and get started. 

Kestronics can help you manage fleets of devices with enforced management and security, taking advantage of a consistent deployment method across all manufacturers of recent Android devices. This can help promote a simplified process to create a better user experience, helping employees get productive faster. 

Get in touch with one of our experts today to find out more about how Kestronics can help you utilise Android zero-touch enrollment. Spend less time configuring and provisioning new Android devices and more time customising them for what suits your business needs. 

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