Zebra Launch New ET60/ET65 Rugged Tablet

Introducing the Tablet that delivers more.

Maximise productivity and business efficiency with the most versatile rugged Android™ business tablets. These tablets have more power, more security, more ruggedness, and more versatility. The ET60/ET65 deliver work in the most pushing environments, handling dust, dirt, grime which are sure to be present in conditions such as warehouses. These tablets have the ability to be whatever you need it to be – turn them into a laptop, a tablet and even a vehicle mounted computer.

Why upgrade from the ET5 or L10 Android to ET60/ET65?

· Newer, faster platform – A faster processor that supports the fastest networks.
· Latest wireless technology – Advanced wireless communications and processor.
· Rugged redefined – to be used even in the harshest of environments including the freezer and blazing hot sun. If it gets dirty just hose it down.
· More Versatility – turn this into a 2-in-1 laptop replacement with a rugged keyboard, advanced scanning, a super bright display and more.

Get the ultimate in flexibility – with so much more than a tablet.

What really sets the ET60/ET65 apart from the rest? Take advantage of faster wireless connectivity with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 and experience a faster Qualcomm® processor that includes both AI and ML capabilities. This tablet includes a display that is easy to read in even the brightest of sunlight and dark warehouse aisles and proves drop-proof for up to 1.5m/5 ft. Complete daily tasks and experience being able to use the ET60/ET65 for up to 20 hours without charging, and even a Super Capacitator for hot swap and battery less installations.

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Why is the ET60/ET65 the perfect solution for forklifts and material handing goods: 

Pop this tablet into the patent-pending vehicle dock, which can be mounted into a forklift or other material handling vehicles. The touch panel and keyboard can even be heated when locked into the vehicle dock. Choose an optional keyboard to make easy for data entry, which is always ready to use even in the harshest of environments. If you’re looking to scan barcodes occasionally then this is the perfect device for you. With this integrated software capture barcodes with the 16 MP rear camera right out of the box. 

It’s a rugged tablet, laptop, or vehicle mounted mobile computer - everything you need all in one tablet! 

Zebra ET60/ET65 Rugged Tablet
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