Kestronics Packing Bench Solution

Warehouse and e-Commerce operations are facing higher pressures than ever before.

With labour shortages, increasing online customers orders and growing expectations for same day or next day deliveries, frontline packing employees are under pressure to work harder, faster, and smarter, factors that can significantly impact customer and employee satisfaction. 

Kestronics Packing Bench SolutionCurrently, operators require one hand to operate a handheld scanner which can slow productivity and be repetitive and strenuous work. A conventional order requires label peeling and package handling, creating bottlenecks in the packing process and wasting valuable seconds throughout the day. Every second lost on every pack represents a cost to the customer. In addition to this, liner media generates unnecessary waste which creates safety issues and costs valuable time to dispose of. 
Introducing the Kestronics Packing Bench, a scanning and labelling technology ideal for Warehousing, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing, and Retail industries for high volume goods out and shipping operations. The solution provides many improvements to the workplace including real-time visibility, tracking, and reporting, enable retailers to monitor output, identify bottlenecks, track packages end-to-end and make date-driven decisions to optimise performance. Overall, improving frontline efficiency.

Kestronics have developed a smart IT-enabled industrial packing bench solution which improves productivity and accuracy within retailer’s Warehouse and Distribution Centres. 

With intelligent imaging, scanners can capture the most challenging 1D and 2D barcodes and direct part marks. The fixed industrial scanner has a wide reading area and an auto-tune camera, saving more valuable time compared to manual input. The optional addition of a handheld scanner provides workers with a solution for large, heavy, or awkward items. In addition to this, you can upgrade with RFID and machine vision technologies which allows continued transformation and further improvements as demands increase and requirements evolve in the future.

So, how does the Kestronics packing bench technology solution work?

  • Operators scan orders via the fixed industrial scanner or handheld scanner.
  • Scan automatically triggers shipping label to print, inputs data and takes photo of product. 
  • Operators seal box, apply shipping label and send for dispatch to customer.

Benefits include: 

Reduce Packing Time and Improve Productivity.

Kestronics Packing Bench technology solution allows workers to operate 33% faster compared to conventional solutions. With the solution providing everything warehouses need all in one place, workers can save valuable seconds on packing with efficient and ergonomic hands-free scanning. For example, workers will no longer need to spend time peeling labels or handling boxes for scanning as the packing bench significantly reduces user movement. With the addition of the fixed industrial scanner on the packing bench solution, scanning will increase to up to 60% efficiency over conventional handheld scanning. 

If your Warehouse packs 2000 items a day, there will be an additional 1 hour and 40 minutes of extra productivity per packing bench solution, per day. This means that your Warehouses would require fewer packing benches and packing operators.
With the introduction of this innovation to your warehouses, you can automatically relabel and redirect incoming goods to the required destination without having to put products on warehouse shelves. This is all thanks to the packing bench’s ability to rapidly print new labels for goods moving from one postal system to another which also applies to domestic labels for incoming international goods for onward shipping. This solution removes bottlenecks and saves valuable seconds. 

Eco Friendly:

Kestronics Packing Bench provides a unique all-in-one packing solution for modern warehouse environments including a fixed scanner, optional handheld scanner, compact PC, fixed touch screen, and desktop label printer. This innovation is an overall better solution for the environment as it produces a greener footprint, less waste and implements a faster, greener packing operation. In addition to this, you have the option to upgrade your label printer to liner less which reduces time spent peeling labels by 3 seconds per pack and is an easier labelling option, even for gloved operators. This is a great option if you’re looking to improve workplace sustainability and reduce waste. 
Prevent Product Loss:

Product loss is a huge factor affecting businesses every day. To put the problem into perspective, product loss costs US businesses well over a staggering $45 billion a year. This problem can be resolved by introducing future innovations to improve workplaces. With the introduction of Kestronics Packing Bench technology solution, future losses will significantly reduce thanks to built-in product traceability. When products are scanned, they are automatically stored into your database along with a photo of the product, enabling companies to track when a product has left the warehouse. This also allows distribution centres to send stock to stores whilst significantly improving loss prevention and providing quality assurance.
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