Purpose-built to Work Your Way

Power your career with a Zebra rugged tablet that is personally tailored to whatever your workday requires. Add features or accessories such as a keyboard, extra battery, or even a scanner. We can provide you with everything you need to adjust to the standards you are looking for. Operate these familiar and easy-to-use Windows or Android O’s, with virtually anywhere connectivity.

Rugged, Resilient Performance

A Zebra rugged tablet goes wherever you need to go, and has the ability to perform exceptionally in whatever condition your workers may encounter during the working day. These tablet’s are built to last, take it with you both indoors and outdoors, drop it, use it in extreme heat and freezing temperature. These rugged devices are built from the inside out, read to face any challenges.

Unrivalled Support

With Zebra rugged tablets, what happens in your workday and career are powered by the global market leader in rugged mobile technology. Get ahead of the competition with a tablet that’s highly secure, fully configurable, simple to deploy, and quick to contribute. Stay fully supported by Zebra’s world-class service. Power your best work now, and for the future.

Trade in your old Zebra, or third party tablets* for the latest Zebra rugged tablets. The Zebra Tablet trade-in promotion offers significant savings when investing in the latest technology for your business. Improve your workers productivity by upgrading to the latest tablets to improve performance, enhance security, and allow access to new features. 

The ET40/ET45 

Trade in from the ET50/ET55, Android or ET51/ET56. If you're looking at trading in a tablet from 3rd party vendors with a screen size between 6.9" to 10.2". These rugged tablets provide everything your workers need to do business faster, better, and right out of the box. These rugged tablets are built to last and are designed for business from the inside out. Use it inside and outside, even in the heat or subzero temperatures. The ET40/45 are built to last years and you can count on support every day that your devices are in service. 

The L10AX/ L10 Android 

Upgrade to the L10ax/L10 Android from any tablet with a screen size between 10" and 10.9" (Zebra, Xplore, or third party). Give your worlers the power of mobile data in the most demanding of environments with Zebra's L10ax Windows and L10 Android  Rugged Tablet family. Choose from three different models that meet the needs of workers out in the field in oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, construction and the military - as well as warehouses and manufacturing plants. An advanced platform delivers blazing fast performance on all of your apps, a battery that provides full-shift, or around-the-clock power with a single charge, with the fastest wireless connections.    


Trade in any tablet with a screen size between 11" and 14.5" (Zebra, Xplore, or 3rd party). The ET80/ET85 are vital for those workers that are looking for more than just a rugged tablet. From first responders that protect the community around us, to both field services, and those working on the manufacturing production line. This tablet delivers with the support for the advanced wireless connectivity of  Wi-Fi 6E, 4G, 5G and more. These tablets are designed to keep workers connected to both information and people they need.


Receive savings of up to 30% off discount when you trade up. Offer ends 31st of March 2024

*discount is subject to product availability. For more details please contact your Zebra representative. @2023 Zebra Technologies Corporation and/or its affiliates. Zebra and the stylized Zebra head are trademarks of Zebra Technologies Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

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