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Zebra Smartlens for Retail is a multi-faceted solution that provides retailers with the ability to sense, analyse and take the real-time actions to increase sales, enable successful omnichannel operations and reduce costs. Take customer service to a whole new level with Zebra Smartlens for Retail Asset Visibility. With this solution your entire store becomes a smart one that automatically senses and records the location and movement of virtually everything in your retail store, whether this is merchandise or assets.

Zebra Smartlens designed for Retail consists of a family of purpose-built RFID sensors, a data analytics engine and Smartlens applications. Even though there are multiple layers for this solution it has been designed to integrate perfectly with existing technology and infrastructure.


What are the benefits of using this in your store?

  • Increase sales – new level of inventory accuracy that eliminates out of stocks and ensures workers can easily locate in stock items.
  • Deliver a superior omnichannel experience – Put the items your customers want in their hands as quickly as possible.
  • Reduce shrink and theft – Reduce inventory cost by reducing shrink and theft.
  • Reduce operational costs – eliminate inventory cycle counts and greatly reduce time spent looking for specific items.

Zebra Smartlens Gen II consists of different overhead sensors that are designed for specific areas of your store – whether this is the backroom, exit and entry points and even the sales floor to collect data.


Sensing Network Appliance (SNAP) Smartlens Sensor – Visibility into what’s happening in on the sales floor. 


Transition Point Smartlens Sensor – Track inventory when it moves through entry and exit points. With advanced RFID technology SmartLens can easily identify when items are both entering and leaving the area.


Transition Point Smartlens


Backroom Smartlens – This RFID sensor starts the tracking cycle by recording the movement of RFID tagged inventory from the moment it enters the backroom and the moment it leaves. Designed to handle high tag volumes.


Backroom Smartlens


Point of Sale Smartlens Sensor – This sensor records items that are passing through POS lanes. This smart sensor can be installed in every lane without risk of interference. These sensors work hard to identify items existing in your storer that have not travelled through a POS lane.




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