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Take advantage of these specifically designed Zebra certified print supplies that help you make the most of your operations. Invest in supplies that you can trust and save the issues of more wear and tear on the printhead and poor-quality labels that can't be scanned. The quality of the images that are created and the physical integrity of these products are crucial to the smooth running of operations.


Why invest in these certified printer supplies rather than cheaper alternatives?

All materials are subject to a rigorous approval process by teams of material science experts. All finished supplies are subject to a certified quality approval process that evaluates print quality, printer wear and tear and application testing. Materials are analysed in a wide range of different printers with different print speeds, darkness, and harsh environmental conditions. Zebra is committed to only using inks, varnishes and equipment that are compatible with thermal printing materials. Materials are guaranteed to never be substituted meaning that you get the best possible printer performance every time.


Labels and Tags

Regular Labels

Whether you are looking for labels for direct or thermal transfer these regular paper labels that can be applied to everyday applications, which don’t require extra durability to chemicals or abrasion then these are the right product for you.

Speciality Labels

These speciality labels are available in a variety of adhesive functionality that can be used for specific cases such as the labelling of challenging surfaces, which may be rough or curved, and can be easily removed or replaced.

Synthetic labels and Speciality Synthetic Labels

Synthetic labels offer durable and long-last print and barcode readability due to the resistance to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals. With speciality labels they have specific features that are unique to meeting the requirements of special applications. These features can be evident of whether the labels have been tampered with and the resistance to extreme temperatures.


Wide range of portfolio tags to meet any tagging needs.

Custom Labelling Materials

Choose the right material, size, and features that can be created to meet the exact requirements of your application. Some of the features that can be created are pre-printed text, graphics, and logos.


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RFID Labels

Zebra can create customised RFID solutions to meet the requirements of different applications. These can also be designed to meet the requirements for any label size or configuration.

Thermal Ribbons

Zebras provide a selection of thermal transfer ribbons that include wax, resin and wax/resin formulations that work perfectly with your thermal printer. Whether these ribbons are for everyday solutions or in environments with harsher materials or chemicals, a solution can be provided to fit your business.


Hospital bracelet and Patient ID barcode Wristbands

Ensure your patients safety and comfort with these comfortable wristbands that are rigorously tested for durability. These wristbands are still proven to be scannable, regardless of different materials they are faced with including hand sanitiser. Ensure that you are administering the correct medication and procedures by being able to easily scan a patient’s ID and find out who they are.

Event Wristbands

Enhance guest experience by providing them with durable and versatile hospitality or event wristbands. These Z-Band wristband solutions can help to streamline guest experiences that are designed for multi-day duty and available in seven different colours that are in fact water resistant as well as excessive water exposure.

Receipt Paper

Your business needs professional documents that last and look professional. When you choose Zebra certified supplies that have been carefully pre-tested and selected to deliver the best performance at an affordable price.

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