Has your Zebra device reached End of Service Life? If this is the case it may be time to look to upgrade a newer, more updated one where there is an option to both repair and support a specific device.  

Why is it best to look at upgrading your devices when Zebra calls for an End of Service?  

  • Decreased productivity.  
  • Inconvenience if you need an unexpected repair. 
  • Disruptions due to hardware failure.  

When a product reaches End of Service Life (EOSL) Zebra will no longer provide services or support for Zebra products, which have reached the end of service.

Refresh your Zebra Devices:  

Take a look at some of the most recent Zebra End of Service products. As technology and business develops, older products no longer meet market requirements. Zebra decide to make the decision to discontinue these products based on particular features that may include the introduction of a newer product with more advanced features and functionality.  



Upgrade to the TC53/TC58  

These mobile computers provide a new generation of data collection, operational efficiency and workforce productivity in replacement of the TC51/TC56. This device offers a choice of standard or advanced range scanning. Both tablets offer Wi-Fi 6E, whilst the TC58 also offers the option of 5G.  With the addition of a large resolution display screen, workers can see more, do more and scroll less. With the choice of standard or advanced range scanning, this device provides split second first time capture of virtually any barcode, regardless of the condition. 


Upgrade to the MC3300 Series 

With the MC3300 Series there is more room for extra capabilities, streamlined  processing, and improved productivity. The best in-class device has a lightweight ergonomic design, large touchscreen, various keypad options, and an advanced scanning performance. Upgrade from the MC3200 series for unmatched versatility and flexibility. The MC33xx Series is purpose-built for a wide range of different environments - with different levels of performance for drop, tumble and protection. The MC3300 is the most adaptable and configurable device in its class with three keypads and scan engines to choose from. Upgrade from the MC3200 Series and maximise performance with all of the features that your workers need.


Upgrade to the TC22/TC27 

In replacement of the TC20 and TC25, this new series of mobile computers give workers that competitive edge you're looking for. With big business features that boost productivity and customer service this durable device is set to boost a better turn on investment. This Zebra device is both compact and powerful device that offers a large 6-inch display, making it easy to read anywhere including indoors and outside. With this device you can capture virtually any barcode in any condition the first time, every time.


Upgrade to the DS9900 

Point of sale is the last opportunity you have to make a good impression on your customers. With this particular series you can offer shoppers the checkout experience that they are looking for. This hybrid designed scanner provides maximum flexibility to offer both handheld and hands-free scanning capabilities. With the widest field of view in its class, and an advanced illumination system, the DS9900 series provides instant barcode capture you need to keep the busiest checkout lines moving. With RFID being implemented into supply chains already, this model can offer capture of RFID-tagged merchandise at the POS. The capture of RFID tags can provide real-time visibility needed for timely re-ordering and trending analysis. Upgrade from the DS9908 today and see how your business can benefit. 


Upgrade to the DS4608 

Today's shoppers don't want to be stood waiting in long queues at the checkout, or returns desk. This series in replacement of the DS4308 offers the versatility and scanning performance that you need to keep transactions fast and flowing. There is a DS4600 series model for every need in your store, whether these are bulky items, a customer's driver license at returns, and even tiny barcodes. This device is something that could be applied in every retail environment.  


Printer Trade-Up Banner


The Zebra Printer trade-up programmes offer significant savings when you invest in the latest printing technology. Improve productivity by upgrading to the most up-to-date functionality and network security. 

Are your current printers reaching the end of their warranty?  

Today's business challenges demand smarter technology. With Zebra thermal printers you get a whole family of smarter technologies designed with one simple purpose: to be able to push your business to perform at the very best. How many old printers do you have in your organisation? Are they tired, slow, and pose a threat of breaking down. This can pose a significant risk of a security threat and surprisingly smaller businesses are most frequently targeted in this way. Why risk this happening when you can upgrade.

Upgrade to an eligible Zebra thermal printer. To receive the discount, customers must provide details of a printer to be replaced. Thermal transfer and direct thermal transfer printers of any brand are eligible for this trade-up promotion. 

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