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What is My Transport Planner?

My Transport Planner is a revolutionary, pay-as-you-go (PAYG), web-based transport planning tool designed for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes. It goes beyond basic route planners to deliver substantial increases in vehicle utilisation and reductions in total fleet mileage. Reducing mileage also reduces the risk of involvement in a road traffic incident. Smarter scheduling minimises the risk of speeding as deliveries, collections and site visits are more accurately planned. My Transport Planner is also available on a contract basis with enhanced features such as mobile apps and the ability to link via an API to your existing transport or fleet management systems.

Reduce risk, enhance road safety and achieve real ROI

Risk benefits

• Reduced incidents: Smarter route planning reduces total mileage, leading to fewer incidents
• Reduced speeding: Improved planning helps ensure that drivers can fulfil their tasks without pressure to break speed limits
• Reduced risk: Daily vehicle checks via mobile apps improve compliance and reduce risk
• Driver welfare: Automated planning can ensure drivers take the correct breaks without fear of missing their deliveries/job times, which reduces stress and fatigue
• A reduction in down time: Fewer incidents means fewer days lost while vehicles are repaired

Efficiency benefits

• Supports home delivery: This has increased by an estimated 100% due to Covid-19
• Provides a competitive advantage: As 95% of fleets do not yet use route optimisation
• Higher functionality: Much more functionality than basic route planners
• Mixed fleet capabilities: Optimises mixed fleets of EV and conventional vehicles
• No complex integration: Unlike other route optimisation providers
• Fully web-based system: Enables flexible working outside the office

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