Warehouse and e-Commerce operations are facing higher pressures than ever before. With labour shortages, increasing customer demands and growing expectations for same day or next day deliveries, frontline packing employees are under pressure to work harder, faster, and smarter, factors that can significantly impact customer and employee satisfaction.

Kestronics Packing Bench Solution

Streamline your operations

Packing process with The Kestronics Packing Bench Technology Solution. A scanning and labelling technology for high volume goods out and shipping operations, a fantastic solution for improving productivity and accuracy which allows workers to operate 33% faster compared to conventional solutions within retailer’s Warehouse and Distribution Centres.

Suitable for Warehouses, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturers and Retail industries.

Benefits include

The Kestronics packing bench technology solution is easy to set up and provides many benefits to the workplace and improves frontline efficiency. With an all in one solution, the packing bench supplies real-time visibility, tracking and reporting and the ability for operators to make date-driven decisions to optimise performance. Take a more detailed look into the benefits that the Kestronics Packing Bench can offer to your workplace.

Product Loss Prevention

  • Label Printing
    Built-in product traceability
  • Product photo and information stored into your database
  • Tracks packages end-to-end
  • Quality assurance
  • Identifies bottlenecks
  • Monitor output.


  • Option for liner less printer – reduces time spent peeling labels
  • Produces a greener footprint
  • Fixed Label Scanner
    Less waste
  • Implements a faster and greener packing operation
  • Improve workplace sustainability.

Reduces Packing Time

  • Efficient and ergonomic hands-free scanning
  • Option for liner less printer
  • Scanning increases up to 60% efficiency
  • Reduces user movement
  • Saves 3 seconds per pack
  • Increases productivity
  • Optional handheld scanner.

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