DNA Payments brings "Simple Unified Payments" to businesses that care deeply about their customers’ experience. 

Its enhanced modern end-to-end payments platform utilises an in-house gateway, a proprietary acquiring platform, and a network of integrations to deliver simple and reliable acceptance. Businesses receive the ultimate choice and conversion with an easy-to-use, interconnected portal that gives absolute control of their payment stack, with solutions for Ecommerce checkouts, POS, and Pay by Link, as well as a range of card acceptance and alternative popular payment methods such as Alipay. Every payment is connected via a Common Token, enabling effortless tracking of customer journeys. 

Fintech DNA Payments and Kestronics, a leading hardware solutions provider, have recently launched a strategic partnership. This innovative collaboration not only equips merchants across the UK with DNA Payments' state-of-the-art, modern payment devices and solutions, but also offers them enhanced security, faster transaction processing, and a seamless payment experience. This partnership opens new growth and innovation for both companies, ensuring that UK merchants stay at the forefront of the payment industry.

Whatever Card Payment Solution your business needs, you can be safe in knowing there is a card reader suitable for you. With this quick and easy application process there is easy and quick set up. All major payment methods are accepted. 

Mobile Card Machines

Accept card payments on the go, as and when you need with this range of Mobile Card Machines. Leading payment methods are accepted, and our mobile card payment solutions can connect with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G. 

Portable Card Machines 

These agile and portable terminals help to free up your time, promoting customers coming first. Freedom from wires means that you don't have to worry about missing a sale, and can accept payments wherever your customer is. 

Countertop Card Machines 

With quick, and easy menus, there is easy transactional management with the ability to print receipts, issue refunds, and pull sales reports. Connect your Card Machine with Point-of-Sale systems and start accepting payments in real-time. 

Unattended Terminals

Quick and secure, Unattended Terminal Solutions allow your customers to select and pay for goods at their convenience. This is the perfect solutions for businesses looking to use self-checkouts, pay-at-pump, fast-food ordering and even more. 

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