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The Vital Role of Device Management in Warehouses

In today’s modern logistics, warehouses represent the foundation of the supply chain, where every second counts. In an ideal world, operations would run smoothly, targets would be met, and everyone would go home happy, however this is often not the case. Devices can be out-of-date, or not maintained regularly, and therefore become unreliable. Implementing the right device management system, and support plans, will make a significant difference to the efficient running, visibility, and overall success of the business.  

The cost of lost devices impacts more than monetary value, leaving a substantial dent in the warehouse's budget and delaying operational efficiency. For many warehouses this may include handheld scanners, mobile computers, or tablets, without these much-needed tools production can quickly become disrupted, or even come to a halt.

To combat this common threat, warehouse managers are embracing cutting-edge device management solutions such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), to deploy and monitor devices. Customised storage solutions such as intelligent cabinets, which can provide operations a live view of what devices are in use, who’s using them, and their last reported location. And finally, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) solutions to further enhance traceability.

Beyond improving efficiency, comprehensive devic management systems serve as the gate keepers of warehouse security with features such as user authentication, and geofencing. Managers can therefore combat unauthorised access, deterring any potential thefts. Furthermore, in the unfortunate event of loss or theft, remote locking, and data wiping functionalities are available, safeguarding sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Device management is key to successful warehouse operations, offering a competitive edge in an ever-changing environment. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies and implementing robust inventory control measures, warehouse managers can help prevent device loss while maintaining visibility, heightened security, and overall productivity.

Kestronics is here to help support warehouse operations with the necessary expertise and knowledge to deliver and advise simple to complex warehouse digital transformation projects.

Mark Shirran, Managing Director at Kestronics.

“As modern supply chains become more complex and costs continue to rise, device management solutions will play a pivotal role by driving efficiency, visibility and optimising warehouse and supply chain operations. Kestronics will continue to leverage these solutions to drive modernisation and deliver exceptional customer experiences.” 

Mark Shirran, Managing Director at Kestronics.

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