So, what makes a Workstation Cradle so beneficial to your business? Well, what if we told you that one device can be used to power a workforce with their everyday tasks as well as control a fully featured workstation or POS. This in the long-term can drive costs and energy usage down – and the value of Zebra Mobile devices up, saving your business precious time and money.

There is no longer a need to purchase a separate desktop and you can triple your functionality, which in turn will deliver a return on investment. Decrease energy costs, capital costs and even lower operational costs.


What else can these devices offer?
  • Fully featured workstations.
  • Create fully featured POS stations with a Connect Cradle or Connect Hub.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Support for a wide range of applications.
  • Flexible audio capabilities.


Different applications for the Workstation Cradle Retail:
  • Store Associates – Training: Use the workstation connect for employee training videos and self-paced training courses that are much more effective on a large screen. Simply dock their mobile computer to use this workstation connect.
  • Store Associates – Assisted Selling: Employees can dock their mobile computer to a larger screen, providing further assistance to customers during the sales process.
  • Store Manager – Managers can do it all with one computer instead of utilising two different devices. They can use this one device on the salesfloor as well as in the backroom.
  • POS – Checkout: A Workstation Connect can enable virtually any shopping path.

Zebra Retail Image

Use this device for: 

  • Returns.
  • Buy-online-pickup-in-store.
  • Department POS.
  • Self-service checkout.


  • Managers – Dock their Zebra mobile devices and use their mobile-driven workforce for a variety of devices that are better suited for a large screen. Create schedules, access to data-intensive business apps and even email.
  • Warehouse Workers – Print out paper and RFID labels for incoming inventory or outgoing shipments and more.

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