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With Zebra Workcloud Communication, Formerly Workforce Connect 

The answer to empowering your front line to efficiently communicate and collaborate as a team. Improve employee efficiency and enhance customer services with fully scalable Workcloud Communication solution. Take the opportunity to enhance customer service so that they can coordinate and collaborate across spaces, whether they are small or large. 

Whether you are in a Manufacturing, Healthcare or Retail setting Workforce Connect can empower your workforce to solve problems. 


Answer customers questions quickly and accurately and accommodate changing shopping expectations such as Buy Online and Pickup in Store. Keep your employees satisfied with the flexibility to work in multiple roles with preloaded profiles. Easily answer customer questions and locate products with dynamic collaboration between the front and the back of the store. This can also help to satisfy your employees by giving them the ability to work multiple roles, as well as the sense of protection by notifying others of emergencies through calling and alert features. 

  • Reduce theft.
  • Call for an expert.
  • Use at self-help kiosks to alert nearby associates if help is needed.
  • Reduce theft.


Keep your staff safe with the feature of emergency calling and location tracking to know where they are at all times. This also promotes being able to make sure that the right member of staff arrives on scene as quickly as possible. Fill coverage gaps and combat turnover with the ability to cover multiple roles across different departments.

  • Hands-Free Communication.
  • Share devices.
  • Ensure fast emergency response.


Maximise your workers safety with emergency alerts and voice commands when driving. Keep communication streamlined with reliable ways to message and call. Optimise delivery times with the ability to alert drivers to new priorities and reroute drivers for speedier deliveries that meet customer expectations.

  • Communicate with groups and individuals.
  • Manage Tasks.
  • Monitor delivery.
  • Streamline dispatch.

Everything you need on one single device.

Combine this software with some of the industry leading Zebra devices to optimise experience.

  • Add this software to other third-party devices*

 Workforce connect devices

*Enterprise Voice is unavailable on iOS devices.

Faster Communication and Easier Collaboration

With the abilities of Workcloud Communication you can use one platform on a single device to keep communication secure and reliable. Minimise disruption on the front line, and ensure that your workflows are secure and intact. This is a great way to broadcast messages to others as quickly as possible, and give teams all the communication options that they need to stay in touch. 

Workcloud Communication PTT Express: 

The cost-effective solution with simple communication capabilities which can connect workers and broadcast messages instantly. 

  • Push-To-Talk - connect your teams at the push of a button using cellular data. 
  • Made for Android - Adapts easily to your Zebra Android Devices. 
  • Fast Deployment - Use right from the box with no server or PBX integration.
  • Protect Calls - Keep calls secure. 
  • Cross-Device Communication - Connect and communicate between different departments. 

Workcloud Communication PTT

Provides greater collaboration by turning this front-line device into a two-way radio. 

  • Push-to-Talk - Instant PTT calling and and multimedia messaging between individuals, whether this is using cellular data or Wi-Fi.
  • Enterprise Grade Communication - Get faster, more efficient, and secure communications on a trusted solution. 
  • Bring Your Own Device - Run on your own Zebra Android device, or add to third-party iOS, Android, or Windows display. 
  • GPS - Track and locate workers. 
  • Drop Alerts - Know when a device drops, or when a worker is unresponsive so you can act quickly.
  • Emergency Alert Prioritisation - Send emergency alerts, overriding any calls in progress, to reach every employee at once. 
  • Hands-Free Communication - Increase productivity and allow workers to communicate without touching their mobile device. 
  • IoT Integration Service - Connect sensors to staff devices, pushing automatic alerts about customer assistance, product issues and more. 
  • Identity Provider - An add-on that empowers teams with a directory of resources that they may need to reach instantly and securely. 

Workcloud Communication PTT Premium: 

  • Push-to-Talkconnect your teams at the push of a button using cellular data. 
  • Enterprise-Grade CommunicationGet faster, more efficient, and secure communications on a trusted solution. 
  • GPS - Track and locate workers.
  • Role Selection - Provide teams with the flexibility to work across roles and departments. 
  • Device Sharing - Share devices with multiple employees and automatically configure each to match each workers individuals role. 
  • Configurable - Customise rules for each role, control feature access and more. 

Workcloud Communication Enterprise Voice: 

  • Easy Implementation - Plug in to existing infrastructure, for quick and easy deployment and integration. 
  • Advanced Extension Management - Assign incoming calls based on your employees role for fast and accurate responses.
  • Intuitive - Save time on training and onboarding with simplified PBX features such as the ability to manage four different extensions. 
  • Customise your way - Design the interface to work best for your team that align best with the features of your organisation. 

All-in-One Solution: 

The complete solution packed with all the function and features of Workcloud Communication PTT Communication, PTT Premium and Workcloud Communication Enterprise Voice. 

  • Powerful Combination 
  • Device Sharing 
  • PBX Integration 
  • Configurable  

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