Maximise operational efficiencies, improve workflows and enhanced asset security with Zebra Intelligent Cabinets.

These devices can help to optimise how enterprise mobile devices are stored, accessed, tracked, and managed.

Intelligent Cabinets

These intelligent Cabinets, Racks, Cradle Locks, Customised Carts and Trolleys help to ensure that assets and workflows function in tandem with high performance and optimum security. These can help to accelerate different levels of the business in warehouse, transportation & logistics, retail, and healthcare operations. Take advantage of the ability to choose from a range of different sizes and modular configurations which hold anything from 5 to 100 devices of one type, or different types, including mobile computers, tablets, and mobile printers. Choose the configurations of software and security options that best fit your need.

With Zebra intelligence cabinets, you can maximise the long-term performance and lifecycle of each device through effective management, making every device ready for optimum use.

Zebra intelligence cabinets consolidates devices and connects them for:

  • Battery charging.
  • Software updates.
  • Health checks.
  • Faster access and storage.

The main benefits of an intelligent cabinet:

  • Passive cooling/open leaf design.
  • Rugged
  • Bi-folding doors for easy access.
  • Clear panels for visual validation.
  • Device housing where they charge.
  • Different range of sizes.
  • Devices that don’t lose Wi-Fi or cellular connection within the cabinet.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets Fact Sheet


Zebra Asset Management System (ZAMS):

This software solution turns Zebra Intelligent Cabinets into powerful, automated device administrators that can track where, and which worker is using a particular device. This ensures that devices are always stored securely and fully charged before they are placed into service on a shift.

Only authorised personnel can access this intuitive cloud-based software on the display attached to the cabinet or via a browser. A ‘stoplight’ style dashboard enables easier access to see how many devices have been checked out and are in use in the facility, as well as how many devices are out or missing.

 ZAMS Fact Sheet

Open Racks

Open Racks:

If you are looking for a simple solution for your backroom, then Zebra’s open racks are the answer. These more traditional racks offer.

  • A durable industrial design.
  • Your choice of single or double sided to meet certain capacities.
  • Choice of a cabinet with or without wheels to easily move.
  • Integrated security options, including cradle locks that have PIN access.
Cradle Locks

Cradle Locks:

Looking to add an extra layer of physical security with Zebra’s cradle locks. These are available for Zebra’s TC2x, TC5x and TC7x mobile computers. These mechanical locks physically prevent the removal of devices by any unauthorised personnel, which increases device security and reduces the number of lost and stolen devices.

Cradle Locks

Zebra Mobile Cart

Mobile Carts:

Create a complete mobile workstation to improve workflow efficiencies with a custom, self-powered Zebra mobile cart which is everything a worker needs to manage inventory, no matter where they are in the facility.

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