Kestronics Go Green

At Kestronics, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through proactive measures that promote sustainable development.

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is unwavering, and we have implemented a comprehensive recycling program throughout our office to increase our recycling efforts. 

We ensure that the recycling of various materials is properly disposed of, and we adopt a “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” philosophy to ensure proper disposal of batteries, technology, toners, Nespresso pods, and other waste. We take pride in our efforts to reduce waste and energy consumption levels, and we have installed LED lights that are motion-censored to help with energy conservation. 

Additionally, we participate in the ‘Cycle2Work’ scheme, encouraging more people to cycle to work instead of driving. Our office is conveniently located near a train station and bus stop, providing more environmentally friendly travel options. 

Here at Kestronics we also provide all employees with reusable plates, mugs, glassware, bowls, utensils, and cooking essentials. We believe that these efforts not only help reduce waste, but also make a positive impact on our employees' wellbeing.

Kestronics Cycle to work Scheme Recycle Plates  Recycle Coffee Pods
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