Business Intelligence for Retail with Honeywell Operational Intelligence.

See Beyond Data with Intelligent Visibility into Retail

Customer experience is at the heart of every retail store and in current times consumers are expected to have accurate levels of inventory. As click and collect purchases increase, retailers are pressured to ensure that they have the right resources to drive customer experience to be at the heart of a business. Associates working on the floor need to be equipped with the right tools to meet consumer demands to have inventory information at their fingertips. 

Operational intelligence by Honeywell is a particular software that can help provide store-level visibility into retail workflows. With data that Honeywell operational intelligence provides, retail managers can monitor battery health of associate devices and ensure that each worker starts a shift with a full battery. This reduces the interruption of workflows by not having to leave the salesfloor to find a fully charged one. This also stops customers time spent waiting, and looking for someone to return. With data provided, management have the opportunity to determine how much time and money is being misallocated due to a lack of visibility throughout the salesfloor and backroom workflows. With this information, action can be taken to improve associate productivity.

Bring actionable insights to the surface. 

Operational intelligence by Honeywell is a workflow optimisation solution that goes beyond simply providing data, but so much more. This solution brings valuable insights to the surface, even those that you may not know were there and empower you to confidently improve your workflows.

This can be known as intelligent visibility; visibility that unearths opportunities through workflow time studies, behavioral and asset analytics, utilisation metrics, and more. Management can then turn these actionable insights into automated workflows that include:

Battery Health Notifications: 

Honeywell Operation Intelligence can see not only the device, but also the battery in the device. Check when the battery is fully charged, the health, how many charge cycles have been used, and how much battery remains. 

Real-time Battery Diagnostics: 

Configure these devices to alert associates when a bad battery is discovered, or if the battery is insufficient for the duration of shifts upon removing it from the cradle. With these particular insights, steps can be taken to remove bad battery from inventory before wasting associated shifts. 

Device Location Tracking: 

Recover lost devices in both sales floor and back room environments with the 'Find My Device' feature and cause them to ping when in range. With this device monitoring, you can help to determine how many times the device is misplaced and put measures in place to stop this happening. 

Device Check-Out/Check-in:

Enable full visibility and create accountability amongst associates by knowing the usage of each device throughout shifts. Restore confidence that the devices are being returned at the end of each shift. 


Track the Honeywell Operational Intelligence-connected device data via a centralised dashboard and leverage the insights to make informed workflow adjustments. 

See beyond just data with Honeywell Operational Intelligence. This is a critical step in making a measurable impact on productivity. By providing associated with tools they need to effectively do their job and assist the customer better, retailers can benefit from strong sales that reflect customer service. Confidently optimise associate productivity and retail management. 


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