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A forever changing world filled with endless amounts of opportunities

The pace of warehousing is consistently accelerating and staying up to date with the most recent and modernising trends, therefore becoming more challenging day by day. Warehouse operation plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction, now more than ever.

Dynamic Markets Demand Warehouse Agility

Supply chain disruptions, labour constraints and evolving consumer behaviours are creating a need for more adaptable and automated warehouse operations.

5 Key questions you need to ask when upgrading your warehouse

1. What Could Challenge Our Operations the Most? 
The need for faster delivery to businesses and consumers, increased transportation costs and lack of inventory accuracy and visibility are the top challenges for warehouse decision makers.

2. Is Now the Right Time To Make a Change? 
Decision-makers agree that they must implement new technologies and stay competitive in the on-demand economy. Positive workplace changes are happening, including improved working conditions and new technology to make jobs easier. 

3. What Outcomes Do We Desire Today and Tomorrow? 
Decision makers promote that they need fast and accurate order fulfilment. In the near future, most workers suggest a way to modernize would be greater team productivity and workflow compliance. However, within the next five years most would believe that they need to utilise their assets more efficiently. 

4. What are my Labour Considerations?
Front-line workers are the most valuable resource, they are the ones with the most immediate view of how warehouse operations may affect the business. Around three-quarters of warehouse associates suggest that their employer likes to involve them in decisions relating to workflows. 

5. Can Technology Play a Role in My Modernisation Plan?
92% of workers agree that technology advancements will make the warehouse environment more attractive to others. This can include products such as wearable computers and peripherals to optimise the use of mobility solutions and automated data capture to increase speed and workflow accuracy. 

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