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Why should you customise your receipts?

In today's competitive business landscape, creating a memorable brand image and nurturing customer engagement are crucial. While many business owners focus on marketing strategies and customer experiences, one often overlooked opportunity lies right in front of them: the humble receipt.

Customising receipts can be a powerful tool to enhance brand image, push promotions, offer coupons, gather customer feedback, and create unique interactions. Keep reading to discover why futurePRNT™ software available on the majority of TSP100 printers is the optimal receipt-customising solution from Star.

Boost Brand Image

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. Customised receipts allow you to showcase your brand logo and messaging, reinforcing your identity in the minds of your customers. By aligning the design of your receipt with your overall branding strategy, you create a cohesive and memorable brand image that stands out from competitors. Consider adding messages encouraging customers to follow your business on social media, sign up for newsletters, or participate in loyalty programs.

Drive Promotions and Offer Coupons

Receipts provide a targeted channel to promote special offers, discounts, or upcoming events. By adding promotional messages or exclusive coupons, you can incentivise customers to make return visits or refer your business to others. This tactic not only encourages customer loyalty but also increases the likelihood of repeat sales.

Gather Customer Feedback

Add a Touch of Fun and Surprise Customer satisfaction is vital to the success of any business. Customised receipts can include a QR code leading to a quick feedback survey, allowing customers to share their experiences easily. This valuable feedback can help you identify areas for improvement, enhance customer service, and make informed business decisions.

Add a Touch of Fun and Suprises

Introducing a touch of creativity on receipts can surprise and delight customers. Depending on the nature of your business, you can incorporate jokes, riddles, or even interactive elements like naughts and crosses game. These small gestures can leave a lasting impression, spark conversations, and make the customer experience more enjoyable.

FuturePRNT™ software


The optimal tool for customised receipts

When it comes to customising receipts with ease, Star has created futurePRNT, a value-added, free of charge software available on the TSP100IIU+ and TSP100III series printers. FuturePRNT software is a powerful tool that enhances printing efficiency and simple printer set-up with customisable features. It provides a user-friendly interface, allowing businesses to easily design and customise receipts.

FuturePRNT offers extensive customisation options including logos, fonts, QR codes and barcodes. It also provides printing and cropping tools, a preview feature for design adjustments, and supports multilingual font replacement options. The software includes paper-saving features, allowing adjustments to the top margin, horizontal and vertical text reduction, and receipt size for reduced paper consumption, helping businesses save money and reduce waste.

The software's coupon marketing feature allows effortless inclusion of coupons or promotional offers based on text triggers, encouraging repeat purchases and attracting new customers. Additionally, futurePRNT's ability to quickly change logos, particularly for seasonal promotions like Christmas, proves cost-effective for businesses.


This software simplifies pre-installation set-up for large projects, allowing for centralised configuration and reducing installation time and costs, making it ideal for multi-site projects. Furthermore, the flexibility of futurePRNT's .xml file and its distribution are crucial, as it allows for fast roll-outs without the need to configure settings on the printer. Additionally, end users can easily perform warranty changes without requiring an engineer since there are no settings saved on the printer.

By leveraging futurePRNT software, available on the TSP100IIU+ and TSP100III series printers, businesses can easily design and customise receipts to align with their branding and marketing strategies. Don't miss out on this valuable tool to boost your business – Find out more about the TSP100IIU+ and TSP100III series today. Available at an affordable price, these high-quality thermal receipt printers also come with a 4-year warranty.

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