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Zebra Technologies are the global market leaders in the automatic identification (auto-ID) of products and data capture.

They provide a wide range of goods including barcode scanners, handheld mobile computers and printers. The company offer a variety of ultra-rugged products to suit the hustle and bustle of business. These items can work in water and be dropped from great heights and still function perfectly.

Their technology can be found in use across a wide range of sectors including retail, warehouse, transport and logistics, healthcare and the public sector such as the police and military.

Zebra has an unbeatable range of add-on features to enhance their outstanding technology. Examples include Visibility IQ™ which offers cloud-based visibility of assets, meaning hundreds of products can be managed in one place. Lifeguard ™ for Android™ is a software solution that extends the lifecycle of their android devices.

Zebra offers technical support for repairs on all their products. They have representatives in hundreds of countries around the world. No matter where you are, there’ll be someone close by to help.

There’s an incredible return on investment of Zebra products so please browse our range today.