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 The STU-540 is one of Wacoms top tier signature pads, alongside the STU-541. The key difference between the two models is the encryption used. The STU-540 utilizes state-of-the-art AES256/RSA2048 encryption to help ensure a secure transaction. The STU series of signature pads uses WILL, the Wacom Ink Layer Language to ensure the pad will render the most accurate depiction of your signature ever produced, and the toughened glass layer with anti-glare treatment feels like you are signing on paper. All told, this will go a long way in helping your customers become accustomed to digital signing. With a 5?, full colour screen capable of displaying images and videos when not in use, the STU-540 is fully compatible with Windows, Citrix, and Linux. This pad even has internal memory. A Virtual Com Port (VCP) even allows for compatibility with older versions of Citrix.

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