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myPOS Go

£26.21 Exc VAT
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myPOS Go Card Reader


This little machine would be very convenient if you're a Taxi driver or operate in another industry which requires you to be mobile - travelling merchants, agents and sales representatives on the move.

The myPOS Go stands out as being compact, multifunctional and affordable. Its small and portable body makes it the best credit and debit card reader for any small business in the UK.

It accepts contactless and mobile payments as well as chip and pin and magnetic cards.

This device is eco-friendly - requires no consumables as it does not use a paper printer. Instead it issues electronic receipts that can be sent to customers via email or SMS.

The credit card machine has a constant wireless connection via 3G, making the Go a reliable choice for almost any business.

Quick Specs

 Eco-friendly and paper free

 Free DATA card

 Powerful battery

 Colorful LCD display

 Sturdy but light chassis

 Durable keypad

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